Fabian Jakub

Researcher @ Meteorological Institute Munich (MIM)
LMU, Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München
80333 Munich, Theresienstr. 37
CV (pdf)

My research focus

... is on radiative transfer in scattering and absorbing atmospheres and particularly how
solar and thermal radiation influence the evolution and organization of clouds.

3D Heating Rates for LES

I develop fast and highly parallel finite volume solvers to compute solar and thermal heating rates to drive atmospheric models (Tenstream).

Cloud Visualization with MonteCarlo methods

Sophisticated, physically correct radiative transfer methods allow to visualize simulations of clouds (libRadtran).

Cloud modelling

I work with various high resolution models to examine the intricate relationship between clouds and radiative heating and cooling.
(e.g. UCLA-LES)


  • Advanced Atmospheric Physics ( WS/2013 , WS/2014 , WS/2015 WS/2016 WS/2017 )

    Students are introduced to key concepts of the global energy budget and the greenhouse effect. The extensive practical focus of the lecture series is on the development of a single column radiative-convective equilibrium model to assess and understand the impact of todays global warming. Students are introduced to the programming languages C or Fortran as well as to the practical usage of version control, compilers, linux shells, debuggers and other tools.

    • MonteCarlo Radiative Transfer

      A practical 1 week block-course where students develop a 1D MonteCarlo solver for the radiative transfer equation, including multiple scattering and absorption. The course gives an introduction to the programming languages C, Fortran or Python and provides an introduction to numerical modelling.

    • Laboratory Water Tank Experiments

      We perform experiments with water tanks for a better understanding of geophysical fluid dynamics. Experiments include rotating as well as salinity stratified fluid experiments to give students a practical feel for turbulence, convection and coriolis forces.

A list of selected publications and talks.

  • 2017, Jul, Seminar talk on 3D RT and the Organization of Shallow Cumulus Convection @ UMBC, ME
  • 2017, Jul, Gordon Research Conference on Radiation and Climate, Lewiston, ME
  • 2017, Jul, Cumulus Parameterization Workshop, Delftwebsite
  • 2017, Apr, EGU General assembly, Vienna poster(pdf)
  • 2017, Feb, HD(CP)2 annual meeting, Munich
  • 2016, Apr, International Radiation Symposium, Auckland, NZ slides(pdf)
  • 2016, Feb, HD(CP)2 annual meeting, Berlin
  • 2015, Nov, Kolloquium Meteorological Institute Munich slides(pdf)
  • 2015, Jul, Gordon Research Conference on Radiation and Climate, Lewiston, ME
  • 2015, Jun, the PETSc conference, Argonne National Lab, Chicago. slides(pdf)
  • 2015, Feb, HD(CP)2 annual meeting, Leipzig poster_methods(pdf) poster_application(pdf)
  • 2014, Nov, HD(CP)2 M-group workshop, Hamburg slides(pdf)
  • 2014, Jun, MIM radiation group seminar, Munich slides(pdf)
  • 2014, May, EGU General assembly, Vienna poster(pdf)
  • 2014, Feb, HD(CP)2 annual meeting, Hamburg

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